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From discovering opportunities to delivering products and experiences.Haik designs great business.

What We Do

We believe that really great products and services don't happen by chance. They're what your customers experience, but they're like the visible tip of a huge iceberg. Haik helps our clients to see the big picture and how each part of their business and their thinking comes together to form the solution they give to the world.

We question assumptions and explore what real people do to find valuable business opportunities. We create clear, simple and meaningful strategies that cross-discipline teams can understand and believe in, and we work together to design and deliver beautiful, groundbreaking products that people love.

Who We Are

Duncan Lamb Founding Partner

As a Creative Director at Nokia, Duncan led the design team behind the N9's Swipe user interface, a fresh and natural way to create an all-screen device and a huge leap forward for the company.

Before Nokia, Duncan was Head of Product Design at Skype finding new and simple ways to help hundreds of millions of people all over the world to feel closer. Duncan was educated at the Helsinki University of Art and Design and at Sheffield Hallam University in Britain.